Regional Forestry Services Annual Report


Deputy Minister of Environmental Protection and Agriculture Kakha Kakabadze, together with the Head of the National Forestry Agency Kakha Tsertsvadze, met with the Heads of regional forestry services.

"Detection, interception, and prevention of illegal use of timber remain the main priority of the Ministry. By implementing effective state control, we will be able to manage forest resources according to the standards of sustainable development policy. The relevant services of the Ministry and of the Agency continue to work with the approaches developed by the new code and the corresponding action plan, which gives us tangible positive results", Kakha Kakabadze noted.

The summary and analysis of the projects implemented by the National Forestry Agency last year across the country and activities planned for 2023 were discussed at the meeting. Restoration of forests, improvement of forest sanitary condition, forest inventory, and preparation of management plans remain one of the main directions of activity of the National Forestry Agency.

The Head of the National Forestry Agency, Kakha Tsertsvadze, focused on the utilization of the recreational potential of forests and developing ecotourism. As Kakha Tsertsvadze noted, after the adoption of the "New Forest Code", forest ecotourism plans are being developed, which will significantly contribute to the emergence of additional opportunities for the population living in rural areas.

At the meeting, they discussed the issue of the introduction of multi-purpose forest use and sustainable harvesting of timber. It is worth noting that the development of the infrastructure necessary for the effective management of wood resources, throughout the country, has been ongoing since 2020. 39 "business yards" have already been set up in almost all regions of the country. By the end of 2023, an additional 17 "business yards" will be organized throughout the country.