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22 July 2018

Reforestation of burned out territories in Borjomi

21 March 2019

March 21 - International Forest and Down Syndrome Day

14 April 2019

Natia Iordanishvili and Giorgi Mamadashvili in TV show - Good morning, Georgia!

14 April 2019

Ministry of Environment Protection and Agriculture tightens control over cuttings of boxwood

15 April 2019

Natia Iordanishvili and Georgi Mamadashvili in TV show - Nashuadgevs

16 April 2019

Natia Iordanishvili on TV Maestro about punishment for boxwood cutting

17 April 2019

Natia Iordanishvili da Georgi Mamadashvili in TV show - Imedis Dila

17 May 2019

Warning signs in a forest zones

22 May 2019

Fans of Borjomi Nature will again hold spring planting on the territory of Borzhomi Plateau

With the support of the National Forestry Agency and on the initiative of IDS Borjomi Georgia, 2,500 Caucasian pine seedlings were planted in the Borzhomi Plateau.

A joint project of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture and the company already third year has been carried out on the territory of the Borzhomi Plateau, within which 8,700 seedlings were planted on an area of ​​3 hectares. The project also involves a 5 year plan of care-maintenance of seedlings. The goal of the campaign is to involve the public in the process of the Borjomi forest restoration.

Today, the award ceremony "Borjomi Hero 2019" was held, too. At the initiative of the company, the status of “ Borjomi Hero 2019”, along with media representatives, was assigned to the Chief Forester of Samtskhe-Javakheti - Koba Silagadze.

The event, together with representatives of the National Forestry Agency and the Agency of Protected Areas, well-known public figures was attended.

23 May 2019

The company British American Tobacco planted trees in the territory of Borjomi plateau

In Borjomi, on the territory of the plateau, in the framework of supporting forest natural renewal, the representative office of British American Tobacco in the Caucasus and Moldova planted about 1,500 Caucasian pine seedlings.

The project involves further care of the seedlings.

In order to improve the sanitary condition of the forest, the measures for the forest-restoration in the territory of the plateau on an area of ​​3,000 sq.m are planned and implemented step-by-step by the National Forestry Agency.

The company has been actively involved in forest restoration in the Borzhomi gorge for last several years, and, as a result, planted about 15,000 seedlings of coniferous species.