Presentation of Annual Report of LEPL National Forestry Agency

Presentation of Annual Report of LEPL National Forestry Agency

26 July 2018

The Head of the Agency Tornike Gvazava presented annual report on the activities carried out by the National Forestry Agency to media representatives. Forest maintenance and restoration, forest protection measures from illegal forest use, timber production, social cuts, arrangement and rehabilitation of forest roads - these are the topics that media representatives were informed on.

Tornike Gazzava talked about the future plans of the Agency. Reduction of illegal forest use and legalization of shadow business, improvement of infrastructure and technical equipment, establishment of legitimate timber market, creation of concrete environment for timber production and processing, promotion of small and medium businesses - LEPL National Forestry Agency will continue its work in this direction in future.

Head of the Biodiversity and Forest Department Karlo Amirgulashvili introduced the draft law on "Forest Code" to media representatives. The Ministry has launched development of new "Forest Code" draft law in 2014. Management of forests should be carried out in accordance with ecological, social and economic principles. Also, a new definition of forest and a completely new rule of categorization is established. One of the main innovations of the draft law is to introduce new forms of ownership on forest in Georgia.