Forest inventory works are completed in Lagodekhi

5 August 2019

Forest inventory works has been completed in Lagodekhi State Forest Fund In Lagodekhi. Foresters-taksators, retrained by specialists of the Forest Agency, were employed at these works. Site works, on the basis of which a 10-year management plan will be prepared, took place on an area of ​​21,116 ha. The last time a forest inventory in Lagodekhi was carried out in 1993

The process was supported by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) project, Improvement of Village Development in Georgia, funded by the European Union.

Forest inventory is a prerequisite for sustainable forest development, on its basis quantitative and qualitative indicators of the forest are estimated and all types of forestry activities are planned. It has a 10 year revision period. The Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture has begun restoring the process since 2013. To date, information on the quantitative and qualitative indicators of the forest has been updated on the territory under the control of the agency, covering an area of ​​232,316 ha, and  10-year forest management plans have been prepared.

After Lagodekhi, forest inventory will continue in Akhmeta.